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Hairdressing Courses: What Will You Learn?

In any career there is always so much to learn. It is most definitely true that to be an expert in anything it does take thousands of hours of practice, learning, knowledge, and experience. The same goes for a career in hairdressing. Being in the fashion industry, trends change quickly, so staying abreast of the latest is important, too. This is one reason why investing in hairdressing, beauty, and business courses is so crucial to your salon career success.

Silbeauty offers beauty courses and classes in Knoxville. Our team has years of experience in the salon business. As salon business owners, we understand what it takes to be successful, and we are privileged to share that knowledge with you. Below, we'll go over in brief some of what you can expect to learn at our hairdressing courses. Contact us for more information, and sign up today!


Hair Extensions

Silbeauty is known for our advanced hair extensions. We have formulated custom ways to apply hair extensions that you will love. Our advanced techniques will save you time in the application of hair extensions, in coloring them, and in creating a full-body look with less hair extensions and time. As salon business owners, we understand that time is money. When you can cut the processing time and appointment times of customers, not only will you have more room for other appointments, but you'll make your customers happy as well because they won't have to sit in a chair for all that long. Our beauty courses are a win/win for everyone.


The initial consultation you have with a client can make or break the experience and the result. Here is your chance to not only listen to the client, but to take their ideas and turn them into something beyond what they had envisioned. Many clients come in and only have a general idea of what they want. They rely on your expertise to take that idea and shape it into beauty. Here at Silbeauty, our Consultations 101 beauty course will teach you how to be successful at consultations that will lead to a six-figure income.

Starting Your Own Salon

Sheree Yancey has been very fortunate to own and operate a very successful salon here in Knoxville. She started her business without using debt, and today it is thriving. One of her passions is to pass that knowledge on to others who want to open a beauty salon. In our beauty classes, you will learn everything you need to know, from how to brand your business to how to purchase hair salon supplies. There is a lot of paperwork and licenses involved that many people don't realize when they open a business. Don't worry, because we've got you covered. After taking our business salon courses, you will have all the tools you need to be a wild success.


Silbeauty is blessed to be able to share our knowledge of business ownership with you. We've been on the cutting edge of helping dreams come true for years. From learning how to open a salon business to learning all about hair extensions, we can help. Our beauty courses are very dynamic, from being hands on to offering practical business solutions that you can implement right away. Our beauty courses are a place where you can come and get all of your questions answered. If you are looking for the next step on your path to salon success and ownership, enroll in our beauty courses in Knoxville today!